The head of the NOC of India: “We seriously intend to prepare for the Olympic Games in 2032”


President of the National Olympic Committee of India Narinder Batra said that India will prepare for the possible holding of the Olympic Games-2032 after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We seriously intend to prepare for the Youth Olympic Games of 2026 and the Olympic Games of 2032. Now is not the time to talk with business or government representatives about preparations for the Olympics. The first thing we must do is solve the problem of coronavirus.

After the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, the main conclusion was that India could host major events, be it the Olympic or other Games.

But this event did not leave a significant heritage, such as the development of sports and the education of new athletes. The fact that such a major event took place here was not properly used, ”Batra said.

Batra expressed the opinion that the Indian team will win more than 10 medals at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, despite the quarantine situation due to coronavirus.

“About 80 Indian athletes have already qualified for the Olympics and are now under the supervision of coaches. Therefore, I support my assumption of a double-digit figure in the medal standings. I don’t think that this situation will change anything, ”said the head of the NOC of India.