The national team of Uzbekistan in artistic (synchronized) swimming have started their preparation for OG-2020 at the training camp “Горняк”


Synchronists of Uzbekistan began the calendar year with training at the mountain training camp called “Gornyak”, which is located in the Bustonlyk district, Tashkent region. The training will last until February 8 (02/08/2020), the main goal of which is the successful preparation for the XXXII Olympic Games, and should help to our athletes get in shape faster and get into the track of a busy schedule of training sessions. This gathering is the first of five to be continued in countries such as France, Egypt, Japan and Kazakhstan. We wish to our athletes good luck and patience in their further training!

We are recalling that Anastasia Morozova and Anna Eltysheva are participants in the 18th World Championships held in 2019 in the city of Gwangju organized under the auspices of FINA. They perform in the following areas: technical and arbitrary solo, technical and arbitrary duet, technical and arbitrary group, technical and arbitrary mix duet, combined group and highlight (acrobatic group) for more than 8 years. Until now, our athletes have recorded a victory in the Singapore Open Championship (gold), and are prize-winners of the Ukrainian Open Cup (silver).

Members of the delegation:
Khytser Tatyana – Trainer-consultant
Bortnikova Oksana – Coach
Khayatov Jalol – Doctor
Mikhailovich Pavel – Masseur
Morozova Anastasia – Athlete
Yaltysheva Anna – Athlete