“What is going on with qualifications?”. Brief excursion of the upcoming qualification tournaments of OG-2020


Recently, the National Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports gave their comments on the shift of dates and the postponement of qualification tournaments in judo (World Cup in Tashkent) and Taekwondo (ChA in Beirut and Amman). The Uzbekistan Swimming Federation, in turn, also wants to inform readers, parents, athletes, and all observers who are not indifferent to water sports.

Water polo: The Asian Championship (among girls) in Nur-Sultan (Astana) was postponed twice (beginning and end of February) due to concern about the spread of the new virus COVID-2019 by the Federation of Water Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan (FWSRK). In the end, it was completely canceled, and the qualification tournament in the city of Trieste for the period from March 09-15 (which was also happily transferred to April-May) was considered a new method of qualification. The USF (hereinafter referred to as the Uzbekistan Swimming Federation) still does not understand this decision of the Asian Swimming Federation, and hopes for a prudent decision on the part of all the organizers. USF plans to participate in the qualifying tournament held in Asia, and is awaiting further action and a response from the AAFU.
The men’s team missed their chance at the VI Asian Championship in Tashkent in 2018, beating South Korea and tied with the national team of Kazakhstan, but losing to the national teams of Japan, China and Iran.

Swimming: The Championship of Uzbekistan was scheduled for March 26-29, but due to recent events it was postponed indefinitely, as well as the Open Championship scheduled for April 6-13 of the current year.

Diving: Holding the FINA Cup in Japan, in the month of May, is still in doubt.

Synchronized (artistic) swimming: Qualification tournament in Japan, planned to be held in April this month, is also in doubt.

As can be seen from the latest notes, the fate of all tournaments until April-May is in doubt. USF, in turn, hopes and believes that the virus will soon be defeated and we will be able to share with the new dates for the competitions.