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World Championship in Water Sports 2015 Kazan

Swimming in Tatarstan. Kazan
The World Aquatics Championships 2015 – the 16th FINA International Swimming Federation Championship will be held in Kazan, Russia from July 19 to August 4, 2015.
Kazan will host the fourth most rated tournament in the world after the Olympic Games, the world championships in football and track and field

Competitions in five water sports (swimming, swimming in open water, diving and hi-diving, synchronized swimming and water polo) will be held in three main arenas. FINA’s new discipline – hi-diving (20m for women and 27m for men) was presented at the XX FINA Technical Congress and officially included in the program of the World Aquatics Championships starting in 2013 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The FINA World Aquatics Championship was not held in the USSR and Russia before.
The decision to hold the 16th Championship 2015 was announced on July 15, 2011 at the FINA General Congress held in Shanghai, the city that hosted the 14th World Aquatics Championship 2011.
In addition to Kazan on the right to hold initially claimed: Guadalajara (Mexico), Hong Kong, Guangzhou (China) and Montreal (Canada). The last two cities withdrew their applications shortly before the vote.
Competitions of the Championship will be held at the facilities built for the 27th World Summer Universiade 2013 (July 6 to 17), also held in Kazan.

Each of the facilities is conveniently located relative to the main directions and roads, which makes them easily accessible to spectators coming to competitions on public transport. All existing centers are designed and built in accordance with the requirements of FINA.

• Swimming: Kazan Arena
• Synchronized swimming: Palace of water sports
• Jumping into the water: Palace of water sports
• Water polo: Pool “Burevestnik” (group stage, quarterfinals, men)
Pool “Olympus” (group stage, quarterfinals, women)
Palace of water sports (semi-finals, play-off stage games)
• Swimming in open water: Center for rowing sports (Lake Average Boar)

The main sports facilities of the Championship 2015:
• Kazan Arena (swimming)
Number of spectator seats: 45 000 (12 000 during the World Cup 2015 when installing temporary pools in the stadium)
Two temporary 50-meter pools will be built on the football field of the stadium: the main pool for competitions and the pool for training, connected with the main one. The total capacity of the stands in the competitive arena (including temporary) will be about 12 000 people. Both temporary pools in the Kazan Arena will be built in accordance with the requirements of FINA, drawn up in cooperation with FINA partner Myrtha Pools.
• Palace of water sports (diving, synchronized swimming, water polo)
Number of spectators: 4 200
The palace includes 3 swimming pools:
Jumping into the water – 33.3×25 m pool (permissible working depth is 5.5 m);
Synchronous swimming – 50х25 m (maximum working depth is 3,0 m);
Training pool – 50×25 m (depth 2,2 m).
• Center for rowing sports on the shore of Lake Medium Boar. (swimming in open water)
The number of spectators: 3 260 people

Training sports facilities:
Orgsynthese swimming pool
Pool “Burevestnik”
Olimp Swimming Pool
Ak Bure swimming pool
Akcharlak swimming pool
Pool “Bustan”


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